Sometimes our lips are the most neglected part of our body. Finding an amazing lip gloss flavours not only makes you look good but feel good too and can make all the difference because as we all know lip gloss is a girls best friend and let’s face it, dry lips are something that nobody wants.
Who would have thought that finding a decent lip gloss could be so tricky. There are products that will plump, others will moisturize and then there are just the ones that tastes amazing!
Let’s take a look at what is on offer so that you can find the perfect lip gloss flavours but first of all you need to decide if you want fresh and fruity, or savoury and sassy. Whichever you is your preference there is something out there for you.
Everybody knows of cherry or mango lip gloss, it tastes great, smells amazing and makes you feel a million dollars but what about the more unusual sweet gloss. How about a sweet potato gloss or a tasty fruit loop cereal flavour? Pumpkin cheesecake and cookie dough are sure to be the perfect lip gloss flavour for those of us who love anything sugary but unusual.
Pickle flavour is up there with black pepper when you think about the more unusual tastes and as strange as they sound they are oddly delicious. If you would prefer something more alcoholic then why not try a Mojito or Gin and Tonic flavoured gloss. There is also a cosmopolitan flavour for those who like the finer things.
Whether you want your lip gloss to make you more kissable, remind you of your favourite food or just to make you feel great, you can find any lip gloss flavour your heart desires.

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