Top 10 contemporary art ideas and inspiration


Top 10 contemporary art ideas and inspiration

Out of all the famous art forms the world has witnessed to this day, contemporary art is one of the most difficult to understand and manifest. Unlike the olden times, today the artistic styles and the ideas have been digested by curators and critics who lead themselves to easy characterization. In this article, we’ve taken inspiration from the Big Picture what contains the famous works by contemporary artists across the world, which also provides an approachable and an accessible overview of all the contemporary arts of the millennium.

Andreas Gursky, Rhine II

The work of Gursky is Rhine II, is a straightforward photograph that was pictured in 1999, but was a massive one 12 feet long and 7 feet high. The actual view of the image was filled with power lines, and busy environment, whereas in the painting, there were all eliminated. When viewed from a distance, it was similar to the sight of a contemporary, large scale canvas of abstractions.

Andreas Gursky, Rhine II

Olafur Eliasson, the weather project

It was a vast glowing orb that filled in the Tate’s Turbine Hall. A fine mist filled the hall, which was called the most significant contemporary artwork ever made. Installation of the art was chaos, and over 2 million people witnessed the vent.

Rachel Harrison, Huffy Howler

Materials like handbags, gravel, binder clips etc. that were considered garbage were once used to make sculptures. However, Harrison put forward all these elements and materials together to form an unusual and brilliant sculpture which define coherence and absurdity.

Napoleon Leading the army over the Alps

Kehinde Wiley’s painting was a question of Western art history, which depicts the hyper-masculinity of the original piece by Jacques-Louis David from 1801.

Napoleon Leading the army over the Alps

Vik Muniz, Marat

A 321-acre plot in Rio de Janeiro was one of the world’s most massive garbage dump which was closed recently in 2012. A series of contemporary artwork was created between 2007 and 2010, which were named as the Pictures of Garbage, which prompted a desirable amount of questions regarding contemporary art and culture. Although all his works were political, they were covered in layers through a formal contemporary process.

Ai Weiwei, Remembering

The 2008 earthquake in China devastated the Sichuan provenance in china that killed thousands of young students due to deformities in the building structure. When the government failed to continue the investigation, Chinese activists and artists compelled to the act and the paining of the Remembering depicted the cries in the contemporary art form.

Ryan Tercartin, P.opular

The video of Trecartin work is one of the opposites on contemporary that involves a lot of talking and dialogues.

Maria Abramovic, the Artist is Present

It is an easy work where he 63-year-old artist sat silently at the museum of modern art for the entire working house of the museum, which added up to 736 hours and 30 minutes.

Tauba Auerbach, untitled

Auerbach considered geometry in the later years of painting career, which she thought it helped towards a more in-depth and more intuitive experience.

Tauba Auerbach, untitled

Kara Walker, A Subtlety

The art if the house in a Brooklyn Domino Sugar factory which is a bright white statue of a nude woman 35 feet tall and 75 feet long.

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