December 11, 2019

If you’re a lover of local art spaces like the Gallery, or someone who’s engaged in the social justice fight, please consider supporting our work through donating your time or money to the cause. We welcome Patronage, and have ample opportunities for volunteer work, with a range of time commitments and qualifications.


Become a Patron by filling out the contact sheet below, and telling us more about how you’d like to help out.


Sustaining patronage is a great way for you to contribute in smaller monthly amounts that are easier for many people to afford. Sustaining gifts also make our finances easier to manage, since we can plan on a regular amount of monthly funding. This allows us to focus more on our artistic mission, and less on fundraising to cover shortfalls or variations in donations. We also welcome support from local businesses.


Whether you can help us with funding or with volunteer support, we’re excited to have you become a part of our Patron community!

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