November 22, 2019

An update from our curators on the upcoming exhibition season:


There’s so much happening in the art world right now that it’s hard to point to a single trend or movement as demonstrative of the era. However, if we had to pick one idea in art that seems incredibly timely, it would be transience.

In an era of displacement for millions of people, in an economic and political climate where still more millions feel locked out, or uncertain about the future, artworks that are decomposing from the moment of their creation, or artworks which are designed to be erased naturally like lines on a beach have become incredibly poignant.

In the coming year, the focus of all our exhibits will be “Transience: studies in displacement, loss, recovery, and zen states” We will be featuring the works of artists who have dealt in temporal fragility through installations and “happenings” which we hope will be very popular attractions for our patron base and for the larger community.

Our main exhibitions of the season will be announced in the near future, but in the spirit of our theme for the season, we think it’s only fitting to do several unannounced, spontaneous “happenings” which will be pop-up style spaces and events around the city, put on by the Gallery. We’ll be needing volunteers to make this happen, so if you’re available and willing to help us out with this exciting new chapter, get in touch via the “support our mission” tab on this site, or stop by the gallery sometime soon and give your contact info and availability to our receptionist.


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